Strong Gladiator III


The Gladiator III® stands out as one of the most powerful followspots in the industry. It is a must for larger venues and performances that requiring maximum performance.  The Gladiator III® is an ultra-high intensity followspot designed for general use in permanent installations where extra power, long throw and the highest performance standards are required.


 The Gladiator III® lamphouse has been designed for maximum efficiency and performance utilizing an exclusive deep ellipsoidal "cold" metal reflector.  This cold-coated dichroic reflector absorbs 90 percent of invisible infrared light. Less infrared light means less heat build-up and more useful light output.  A 3.0 kW Xenon bulb provides instant, continuous illumination at relatively low power consumption.


 The Gladiator III®, like all Strong spotlights, is equipped with our exclusive Single Handle Zoom system (SHZ®).  This system utilizes a unique optical design that gathers light from the reflector and intensifies the beam of light as the unit is changed from flood to spot with only the use of a single handle.


 A variable output, solid state switching power supply is furnished. The power supply connects to a 208/230 volt 30 ampere AC line, and operates on either single or three phase power. Weighing only 65 pounds, the power supply lightweight and easy to use.  Power input is made with a twist-lock connector for quick and easy connect/disconnect.


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